Performers 2009


Tom Paxton (USA)
A folk music legend, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-winner (2009), author and inspiring singer and songwriter with a 40-year career that began in the famed Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s, Paxton’s songs, as Judy Collins says, “are beautiful and timeless, and meant for every age”.


Stimmhorn (Switzerland)
Alpenhorn, wippcordion and goat horn; overtone singing and yodeling – this duo’s music invents new acoustic voyages between traditional and experimental worlds of sound.


Eivør (Faroe Islands)
Hailing from the mystical Faroes, which lie halfway between Iceland and Norway, we welcome the Islands’ leading female music artist. Eivør Palsdottir is a woman with an extraordinary voice, deeply rooted in her homeland’s strong tradition of epic ballads, chain dance and quarter-note a cappella church music – as well as a virtuoso of rock, jazz, folk and even opera.


Tenores di Neoneli (Sardinia Italy)
From the village of Neoneli in Sardinia, the four remarkable male vocalists of Tenores di Neoneli sing canto a tenore – a traditional complex harmonic style of singing so unique it has been included on Unesco’s World Heritage List. They are joined by two players of the launeddas, an ancient Sardinian woodwind instrument.


Tagaq (Nunavut)
Ranging from whispers and haunting melodies to full-force passion and power, Tanya Tagaq Gillis’ vocal musicality is ground-breaking in its’ the diversity and depth. Inuit throat-singing is part of this Nunavut artist’s sound, but you can add in ‘hip-hop infused’, ‘primal’ and sometimes even ‘orchestral’.


The Outside Track (Ireland, Scotland, Canada)
Led by Vancouver native Norah Rendell’s powerhouse vocals, The Outside Track brings together five young musicians from Scotland, Ireland and Canada to create a cutting-edge modern traditional music that ranges from classic ballads to self-penned originals.


Canefire (Canada, Cuba, Trinidad)
Combining Trinidadian calypso with Latin rhythms, jazz, and blues, Canefire is a Toronto-based 7-piece band that takes the steel pan sound to new places. They play original music created by leader and pianist Jeremy Ledbetter.


Jane Bunnett & the Spirits of Havana (Canada / Cuba)
The boundary-breaking Toronto soprano saxophonist, flutist and bandleader visits with her formidable, handpicked seven-piece collective known as the Spirits Of Havana. Bunnett has forged a riveting amalgam of Afro-Cuban and Western Jazz forms, winning a 2009 Juno for Best Contemporary Jazz Album for her “Embracing Voices” recording with the “Spirits…”


The Breakmen (BC)
With a potent blend of bluegrass, old-timey folk and vintage country influences, this four-member Vancouver based outfit is known for its tight harmonies, creative instrumental work and contagious stage energy.


Headwater (BC)
Blending elements of country, bluegrass, old time and rock, Vancouver’s Headwater is one of the busiest acoustic roots bands on the West Coast. With can’t-beat instrumentation comprised of guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and upright bass, this young four-member band also delivers with harmonies and classic songwriting.


The Gallus Brothers (US)
These Bellingham-based musical brothers play great guitar and percussive suitcase goodtime ragtime blues with a flair for fun and the spirit of an old timey minstrel show.


T. Nile (BC)
Tamara Nile turned heads on the folk scene from the minute she first stepped off the ferry from Galiano and onto the stage – not all that long ago. With a unique sound blending folk, rock, roots and country, the songwriting skills of a veteran word-smith and a banjo on her knee, this singer’s star continues to rise.


Les Tireux d’Roches (Quebec)
The six talented singers, musicians and storytellers of Les Tireux d’Roches (“Rock Throwers”) deliver a unique repertoire that stays true to the Québécois tradition while incorporating fresh contemporary influences from around the world.


Kevin Fox (Ontario)
With a voice that’s been described as an “amazing instrument”, Halifax-born Kevin Fox combines his prowess on the cello, which he skillfully bows, plucks, taps and loops, with great songwriting chops to create a lush and captivating musical tapestry of cello-driven folk/pop.


Michael Jerome Browne (Quebec)
MJB is a true renaissance musician, equally adept on guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica and an array of other instruments, as well as a vocalist of incomparable and wide-ranging talent. Whether performing a wailing blues tune, an unbridled soul song or a country ballad, this Canadian Folk Award-winning “Solo Artist of the Year (2008)” artist packs the acoustic punch of a multi-member band.


Tim Williams (Alberta)
Songster, Musicianer, Music Physicianer – Tim Williams is a 40-year veteran of the North American roots music scene with a passion for traditional blues and a lifetime spent roaming across music’s abundant landscape . A singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tim is “a walking, talking history of the blues that struts soulfully down timeless avenues” (Calgary Herald).


Colin Linden (Canada)
Of how many artists can it be said that they’re getting better, over three decades into their career? Colin Linden can certainly be considered a member of that select club, and a singer, songwriter and slide guitar virtuoso of stunning skill and originality.


Connie Kaldor (Quebec)
Connie is a Juno-award winning singer who has flourished on the folk music scene since she was a young Prairie gal, in large part due to her immense gifts as a live performer. More than a great musical experience, a Connie Kaldor performance is an opportunity to hear what this gifted chronicler of the human experience has both to sing and to say.


Ken Whiteley [Ontario]
Drawing from the deep wells of many traditions, Whiteley has been called a “playing encyclopedia” for the depth and range of his musical expertise – from gospel and blues to tunes for kids.


Rastrillos   [Mexico]
Latin-flavoured reggae powered by ten musicians and fuelled by trumpet, trombone and tenor sax – a multi-national band that ignites stages and delivers the groove.

Adham Shaikh   [BC]
Fusing together soundscapes of the ancient with the immediate and adding in a tribal dub groove, Shaikh brings a global village sensibility to his live performance.

Boris Sichon   [BC]
An inspired and dynamic multi-instrumentalist with a global perspective on music-making, enriched by his collection of rare and unique world instruments.