Performers 2010

Brilliant Music from Around the World!

Al Andalus (Morocco, USA, Palestine, Spain)
Led by oudist Tarik Banzi, this group soulfully merges classical, jazz and contemporary music with the musical traditions of the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.Al Andalus is a contemporary world-chamber group that etches a fine line between the exquisite and the raw, treating their listeners to a confluence of the best of the East and West.

Batata y Las Alegres Ambulancias de Palenque (Colombia)
Representing the culture of Columbia’s Caribbean region, Las Alegres Ambulancias are the descendants of a 500 year-old African cultural tradition that lives on in Palenque. Passed down through generations of the extended Batata family, the singers, young and old, preserve the legends, stories, music and songs of the Bantu and Angola people at fiestas,  funerals and in everyday life.

Renato Borghetti (Brazil)
Borghetti’s music is an artful and elegant take on traditional Brazilian gaucho music from the Rio Grande do Sul region in the southernmost part of the country, played on a button-box accordion known as a gaita ponto. This charismatic accordionist and his band perform music that is full of energy: true to the folk music form yet adapted and modernized to include the sounds of the Argentinian pampa, European influences, samba, jazz and Brazilian popular music.

Kenge Kenge (Kenya)
Kenge Kenge are eight musicians who play roots music from the JuLuo community of Western Kenya, with lyrical arrangements that reflect influences from the popular Benga pop music style. Dense textures of rhythm and chant are overlaid with an unusual assortment of self-made traditional instruments. Their singing is the central event – strong, generous, and full of character and contrast.

Karoliina Kantelinen (Finland)
Blessed with a voice that soars over octaves, Karoliina’s specialty is singing the traditional music of the Russian region of Karelia, formerly a part of Finland.  Known for challenging the old established ideas and concepts of interpreting Viena Karelian yoiks (epic songs full of vocal variations and improvisation), she uses the traditional Kalevala style as her inspiration for new contemporary folk-based compositions.

Wil Campa y su Gran Union (Cuba)
The son tradition of Cuba is presented with the high-energy sounds of this great vocalist and his band. Wil Campa is known throughout the world for his great sonero style, singing a mix of the great tunes from the 40’s and 70’s, and songs that meld both great Cuban music eras. Smoking hot Cuban son from this 13-piece ensemble featuring sizzling horn and percussion sections, and one of the finest voices in Cuban music today.

Pacific Curls (New Zealand)
Combining fiddle, ukulele, Maori traditional instruments, cajons, and other instruments with lyrics in Maori, Rotuman and English, Pacific Curls is no ordinary trio. Their music finds a place where Celtic, Maori and Pacific music crosses over, incorporating Pacific primal myths as well as Scottish mysticism, and pioneering a fusion sound that beautifully embraces their varied musical roots.

Te Vaka (Polynesia)
Te Vaka is a unique group of ten musicians and dancers from Tokelau, Tuvalu, Samoa, Cook Islands and New Zealand. Their music is a rich and luscious mix of Polynesia’s ancient culture together with sounds of the modern world – tribal, fiery and rootsy, yet melodic, rich and atmospheric.

Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers (Scotland)
“A beautiful amalgam of Scottish soul, funk and folk” – Findlay and his band are leading the Scottish nu-folk revolution with anthemic tales of love, debauchery and sin laced with black humour. Napier draws on influences from the darker side of genres like Folk and Country with a sound that remains uniquely Scottish.

Celebrated Voices from the great Canadian Singer-Songwriting Tradition

Ian Tyson (Alberta)
An internationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-award-winner, Ian Tyson’s voice and songs are legendary here at home – part of the Canadian cultural fabric. In 2010 he celebrates five decades of performance marked by classics like Four Strong Winds, Someday Soon and Navajo Rug, as well as his newest works, which he continues to write with inspired vigour.

Murray McLauchlan (Ontario)
One of Canada’s great singer-songwriters, McLauchlan has been crafting and singing songs that are both meaningful and memorable for nearly 40 years. His words chronicle his own journey and observations on the world around him, marked by a keen insight, a sense of humour and a deep love of this country.

Jill Barber (British Columbia)
This transplanted Nova Scotia gal has been winning kudos and audiences both for her skills as a consummate songwriter, and for her assured and versatile voice.  Her music is a winning mix of jazz, folk and country – garnering her accolades from the Nova Scotia Music Awards, the East Coast Music Awards, various readers’ polls and fans.

David Francey (Ontario)
A singer whose voice is imbued with character and warmth, Francey’s songs move audiences with their honesty and authenticity. He is recognized as one of today’s finest singer-songwriters with a wry sense of humour, whose astute observations and openhearted singing style have earned him enthusiastic fans in Canada and beyond.

An Eclectic Mix of Celtic Music, Blues and more – from BC and Beyond!

Amanda Martinez (Venezuela, Canada)
A distinctive Latin/Jazz vocalist, Amanda’s sound is a blend of flamenco-inspired rhythms, Afro-Cuban beats and Mexican folk music. The result has her labeled a “Latin Jazz Sensation”. Singing in Spanish, Martinez’ music transcends the barriers of language – she takes audiences on a romantic journey that sweeps them off their feet.

Sandy Scofield and Iskwew (BC)
Iskwew (pronounced is-kway-yo, meaning “woman” in Cree), is a group of talented female vocalists led by award-winning singer-songwriter Sandy Scofield.

Iskwew sings songs from the Plains, West Coast and Northern Interior First Nations traditions, their voices raised in harmonies that simply wow.

Art Napoleon (BC)
Art is an entertaining and versatile singer-songwriter with a wicked sense of humour and an uncanny ability to engage audiences of every age and background. Raised in the  Cree tradition in Northern BC, he can still skin a moose with a pocket knife but is better known as one of Canada’s great music troubadours.

Gerald Charlie (BC)
Inspired by the Blues greats of the past, Gerald plays and sings his own brand of blues.

He is from the Scowlitz Indian Reserve in Lake Erroch, BC – not far from Mission.

The Paperboys (BC)
Mexican Son Jarocho music gets mixed with Irish Jigs and Reels and a dose of country, bluegrass, ska, soca and African Highlife – with a little reggae thrown in here and there – in this high-energy, utterly one-of-a-kind band that continues to set audiences on fire at home and around the world.

The McDades are not able to appear due to reasons beyond the control of the McDades or the festival.

The McDades (Alberta/Quebec)
The McDade siblings’ music is a unique blend of influences that combine their rich Albertan heritage, Celtic music and the cultures of the world. With vocal harmonies that only a family band can conjure, this compelling and dynamic group’s music features both energetic instrumentals and sensitive vocals performed in English and French.

Matt Gordon (US)
Matt took up fiddling at the ripe old age of 25, and soon after expanded his talents to include Appalachian clog dancing, joined the Fiddle Puppets and Footworks.

He went on to become a consummate Irish step-dancer, South African boot dancer and a “hamboning” (hand-clapping) master.

Robert Sarazin Blake with Jan Peters
Robert’s sweet, gruff voice songs of lost loves, old hotels, politics and long hot drives speak to the still spot in your heart. The Bellingham based song writer, story teller with a head full of ideas is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Jan Peters.
Robert Blake is at
Jan Peters can be found at

A Major Connection with the Vibrant Traditions of Francophone Canada!

Les Charbonniers de L’Enfer (Quebec)
With the breath of their voices alone (plus some hot foot percussion) five great male singers in the Quebec music tradition transport us to a past rich in culture and stories. Specializing in interpreting the repertoire of Québécois oral tradition, this group’s harmonic brilliance and expressive talents bring these songs very much into the here and now.

Galant, tu perds ton temps (Quebec)
Formed in 2003 around a kitchen table, Galant, tu perds ton temps are five women and one lucky guy from Québec who are reviving the rich but neglected repertoire of traditional Québécois women’s songs. Their songs share, with emotional and beautiful a cappella harmony, the voices and poetic tales of the women who have been the heart of Quebec culture.

Les Mononcles (Québec)
These self-described “guys from Lanaudiere” (a region of Quebec known for great music) offer traditional Quebecois music that they recommend for curing ills and beating depression! It’s true that you can’t go to a Les Mononcles’ performance without feeling uplifted, happy and eager to dance.

Le Vent du Nord (Québec)
Rollicking tradition and new compositions combine for some great music in the hands of four Quebec singers and multi-instrumentalists who have become one of the most-loved Quebec outfits touring the world. On stage these four talented friends welcome audiences into the pure joy they experience when they play their tunes.

Réveillons (Québec)
Réveillons, in English, means “to awaken”, and since this quartet began in 1996 they’ve been on a mission to reawaken a love of traditional music in us all. Playing jigs, reels, French songs and step dances, they continue to grow and explore creative ways to bring Quebec traditions to new life, finding new ways to rejoice along the way.

Gadelle (PEI)
Acadian music takes centre stage in the hands of two veteran women musicians and two women from the next generation of traditional musicians. Together this talented quartet, based in the Evangeline region of PEI, share their passion for the music of their francophone ancestors. This wonderful music lives on and flourishes in their hands.