300 friends, $300 each. That is our goal.

So far we have reached 65% of that goal in our 300 x 300 Fundraising Campaign! The campaign continues until January 30, 2017.

You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to help the festival retain sustainable funding. A $25 monthly gift will reach $300 in one year!


The Festival Society has been the recipient of amazing generosity since we embarked on a fundraising campaign in April. Apparently, many of you want the show to continue! If you haven’t yet, please consider a financial donation of any amount.

Please give what you can to help.

THANK YOU to our generous 300 x 300 donors:  John Vissers, Lisa Luky, Michelle Demers-Shaevitz & Ben Shaevitz, Brad Keithley, Pat Thompson & Mike Keating, Elspeth Bowers, Carlo Billinger (Rex Cox Men’s Wear), Cec Itzkow, Detta Penna, Bev & Ian James, Steve Edge & Margaret Whale, Maureen Sinclair & Ed Sarfeld, Chuck Russell & Lynn Easton, Dania Staciw, Ken Selvaraja (Lanka Jewels), Susan Curror, Robert Martens, Shawn Jodway, Margot Greger & Len Janzen (The Pantry Natural Foods), Anne Gallantree, Lisa Siddons, Michelle Cervo, Heidi Smith and Scotty Scodellaro, Kat Wahamaa, Daniella Cairns, Merlyn Horton, Rosemary Caskey, Don Lanoville, Gwen Kallio, Kevin & Daphne Bice, Randy & Carmen Cairns, Laurie Webb & Robin Shackleton,  Dennis Taylor, Ed & Maryann Jantzen, Michael Demers, Doyle & Margaret Clifton, Alexander Daughtry, Sheila Bailey, Robert & Sheila Demers, Lacy Whitford & Lee Phillips (Evoke Wellness), Philippe Quillévére & Karen Wootten, John & Mary-Ann Taves, Wendy Cutler, Orson Van Dyk (our littlest donor!), Kirsten Ernst, Irene Buytendorp, Gord Gwyn & Yvonne Holman, George Sigaty, Madeleine Hardin, Remple Disposal Ltd., Stonewater Ventures (151) Inc., Lohn Foundation, Alex Chisholm & Carmen Rosen, Becky Johns & Tim Tracy, Ice Cream Delights, Prospera Credit Union, Skip & Lisa Comer, Art Price, and all of the many anonymous donors. Please join them!

Wish List: items we need include 20 x 20 tents (to borrow, not keep!), a golf cart (borrow), lanyards for volunteer badges, 52-foot trailer for year-round storage. Contact if you can help us source any of these items.