The Festival Society has been the recipient of amazing generosity since we embarked on a fundraising campaign in April. Apparently, many of you want the show to continue! If you haven’t yet, please consider a financial donation.


300 friends, $300 each. That is our goal.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have reached 60% of that goal in our 300 x 300 Fundraising Campaign! The campaign continues until January 30, 2017.

You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor to help the festival retain sustainable funding. A $25 monthly gift will reach $300 in one year!

Please support this arts event that has brought so much great music to your ears.

Give what you can to help. Your gift will help keep the music playing!

THANK YOU to our generous 300 x 300 donors:  John Vissers, Lisa Luky, Michelle Demers-Shaevitz & Ben Shaevitz, Brad Keithley, Pat Thompson & Mike Keating, Elspeth Bowers, Carlo Billinger (Rex Cox Men’s Wear), Cec Itzkow, Detta Penna, Bev & Ian James, Steve Edge & Margaret Whale, Maureen Sinclair & Ed Sarfeld, Chuck Russell & Lynn Easton, Dania Staciw, Ken Selvaraja (Lanka Jewels), Susan Curror, Robert Martens, Shawn Jodway, Margot Greger & Len Janzen (The Pantry Natural Foods), Anne Gallantree, Lisa Siddons, Michelle Cervo, Heidi Smith and Scotty Scodellaro, Kat Wahamaa, Daniella Cairns, Merlyn Horton, Rosemary Caskey, Don Lanoville, Gwen Kallio, Kevin & Daphne Bice, Randy & Carmen Cairns, Laurie Webb & Robin Shackleton,  Dennis Taylor, Ed & Maryann Jantzen, Michael Demers, Doyle & Margaret Clifton, Alexander Daughtry, Sheila Bailey, Robert & Sheila Demers, Lacy Whitford & Lee Phillips (Evoke Wellness), Philippe Quillévére & Karen Wooten, John & Mary-Ann Taves, Wendy Cutler, Orson Van Dyk (our littlest donor!), Kirsten Ernst, Irene Buytendorp, Gord Gwyn & Yvonne Holman, George Sigaty, Madeleine Hardin, Remple Disposal Ltd., Stonewater Ventures (151) Inc., Lohn Foundation, Alex Chisholm & Carmen Rosen, Becky Johns & Tim Tracy, Ice Cream Delights, Newton Enoch, Prospera Credit Union, and all of the anonymous donors. Please join them!

Wish List: items we need include 20 x 20 tents (to borrow, not keep!), a golf cart (borrow), lanyards for volunteer badges, 40-foot trailer for year-round storage. Contact if you can help us source any of these items.