The Sojourners


The Sojourners (BC)

When Jim Byrnes called Vancouver-based gospel singer Marcus Mosely a few years ago to ask if he could round up a few friends to record some back up vocals for a new album, no one could have guessed what would happen. From the moment Mosely and his pals began singing, they realized that they had something special. The Sojourners, based in Vancouver, BC, both make authentic gospel music and make good on their name. This is not music that strives to be polite. This is gospel music that can take a punch and remain standing. Formative years spent singing in the hometown churches of Marcus Mosely (Ralls, Texas), Will Sanders (Alexandria, Louisiana), and Khari McClelland (Detroit, Michigan) give The Sojourners sound has an authentic edge that only comes with experience. Not just for Sundays, The Sojourners’ approach is self-described as equally at home in a roadhouse as in a revival tent; an unbuttoned mix of doo wop, R&B, country and blues.

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