Piccola Band Ikona


Piccola Band Ikona (Italy) www.stefanosaletti.it

A fascinating journey among the sounds and cultures of the Mediterranean Sea, Piccola Banda Ikona features original compositions sung in many different languages including Sabir, a lingua franca which sailors, pirates, fishermen, merchants and ship-owners used in the ports to communicate with each other. Musician and composer, Stefano Saletti, leads the group on a wide array of traditional, Mediterranean instruments including bouzuki, oud and tzouras. He is joined by vocalists, Barbara Eramo and Ramya; violinist, Carlo Cossu; bassist, Mario Rivera from legendary Italian world music group Agricantus; and percussionist, Leo Cesari. Be prepared to be blown away by the sounds of the Mediterranean when Piccola Banda Ikona make their Canadian debut.


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