David Francey


David Francey (Ontario)

This Scottish-born carpenter-turned-singer-songwriter has tapped into the Canadian psyche as if he was a Canuck born and bred. David Francey has been hailed as “the likeliest candidate for all-Canadian folk singer” by The Ottawa Citizen simply because he embodies the qualities Canadians most admire in a troubadour folk-poet: his straightforward songs tell honest stories of real people and real places, his keen sense of humour sees interesting twists in the everyday, and he champions things that matter. Like other greats before him, those with a rare poetic insight, he takes life and sets it to music. It doesn’t hurt that his voice is like rich warm honey, either. This multiple award-winning artist, who includes JUNOs, Canadian Folk Music and SOCAN Awards and a John Lennon Songwriting win among his other accomplishments, is a Mission favourite.

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