Comas (Ireland, US, Belgium)

Although coming from diverse musical backgrounds (The Drovers, Orion, Eileen Ivers, Urbantrad) and living in different parts of the globe, the members of Comas found each other in 2003 through their similar approach to music, bringing together their many cultural influences to forge a unique blend of traditional Irish music that had them, within months, playing in major festivals in Europe. They were asked back immediately to every festival they played. “Before we even had time to put our instruments away,” as guitarist Philip Masure aptly put it. Joining him are Aidan Burke on fiddle, Isaac Alderson on flutes and uilleann pipes, and Jackie Moran on percussion. The group’s openness to new influences and a respectful eye on the past bring Comas to the forefront of what traditional music is about today.

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