Wil Campa Y Su Orquestra


Wil Campa y Su Orquestra has been touring extensively nationally and internationally inspiring and introducing thousands of audiences to Cuba’s musical royalty. Wil’s vision, musical talent and chorographical direction have placed this Orchestra as one of the most exciting touring groups to emerge out of Cuba. His childhood was spent in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, where he grew up amidst streets filled with joyful traditional Cuban music. From 1988 to 2004 Wil Campa performed with well known Orchestras “Cumbre” and later “Maraca” participating in the prestigious “Aldofo Guzman” Festival and many elite Jazz Festivals traveling to over 37 countries around the world. A story that begins in the countryside of Cuba has seen Wil take Cuban Son to millions of music lovers across the world. Wil resides in La Habana, Cuba.


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