VOU was founded in 2007 primarily as a contemporary pacific dance company. It has since spread its creative wings and branched out into the fields of music, fashion and film with its unique sound and style being seen far and wide.

Their mission is to spread the magicoof their spirit, energy and Mana to the world through music and dance. They want to inspire others. They draw on their rich cultural heritage to take their art to the world, while at home they help to develop the arts industry in Fiji through education ad by creating commercially sustainable career paths.

VOU was founded by Sachiko Miller who has performed, composed and choreographed major works in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and China. She is also the president of the Fiji chapter of the World Dance Alliance.

Joining Sachiko are Edward Soro, Mereia Tuiloma, Eleni Tabua, Navitalai Fong, Ratu Rusiate Rokilibau, Eremasi Rova, and Gina Janus-Spedding, a Canadian Choreographer, dance instructor and dancer from Vancouver who is their school manager and also trains and choreographs company members.

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