The Lion, The Bear, The Fox

The Lion, The Bear, The Fox (BC)


In May of 2012, three men departed on a tour to promote their respective solo careers. But over wine, campfires, cheap hotel rooms and woodland cabins an unshakeable bond grew between them. In May of 2012, three lone wolves became a lion, a bear and a fox.

Christopher Arruda (The Lion), Cory Woodward (The Bear) and Ryan McMahon (The Fox) capture an organic musical connection that has been thirty years in the making. The Lion The Bear The Fox have been called a “musical force of nature” thanks to their “soulful, boot-stomping folk rock” which showcases a genuine energy and sincerity that is rarely heard in the 2000’s. With the release of their EP “We’d Be Good Men” in 2013, The Lion The Bear The Fox solidified their place within the tapestry of the Western Canadian Music scene.

We were lucky to have them perform on our stage last year as part of MusicBC’s showcase and we are even more pleased to welcome them back again in 2015!

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