Rattletrap Ruckus


“Rattletrap Ruckus is the perfect metaphorical band name for this outfit – a bone-shaking jalopy transporting a boisterous rumpus riot through European streets, Jewish strongholds, dusty Spanish courts, and Argentinian avenues. But don’t let the free-for-all circus fool you. These are seriously mature players offering a cavalcade of melodic choreography ample enough to pin your ears back. Because of their one-of-a-kind orchestration (button accordion, tenor banjo, cello, and “laundrophone” bass), it’s tempting to slot them as a novelty band, except their superb musicianship and exquisite arrangements trump any such casual conclusion. You’ll often hear the cello and bass doubling each other, an octave apart (taking a page from the Mariachi handbook), urging the banjo and accordion to dazzling and inspired heights. We’re in an age when everyone’s doing everything that’s ever been done. But nobody sounds like Rattletrap Ruckus.” – Peter McCracken, Director, Voiceworks & Fiddletunes

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