Quentin Dujardin

Quentin Dujardin (Belgium/Galicia)


With an extraordinary sound that ranges from as light as a mountain spring, to as majestic as a wide river, to as torrent as Niagara Falls, Quentin Dujardin and his nylon guitar are complex. Mixing a multitude of genres and influences to create what Guitarist Magazine call a “sumptuous invitation to voyage,” Dujardin has performed for audiences all across Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Despite the vast scope of Dujardin’s style, his main vice has always been jazz. His serious exploration into jazz began at the age of 15 and at 17 he attended the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels. From these beginnings, Dujardin began to stretch outward and take influences from the places he traveled with his guitar. The sounds of the Gnawes in Morocco, the Andalucian Gypies in Spain, the Vezos in Madagascar and the Guaranis in Paraguay have all worked their way into Dujardin’s works. His travels have helped him expand not only his playing ability, but also on his ability to capture the emotions of places and people.

Furthermore, Dujardin is an avid collaborator, working with the likes of Bai Kamara Jr., Lee Townsend and on his most recent release Le Silence Des Saisons, with Ialma, who are also performing at this year’s festival!


“(Quentin Dujardin) makes your mind travel smoothly through a land of a thousand wonders.” – Agenda Magazine

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