Ialma (Galicia/Belgium)


The paths that lead to Santiago de Compostela are many and link Europe’s peoples and landscapes. But for the many Galicians who have left their country in search for work or a freedom ridden roughshod over by the dictatorship, the pilgrimage sought after is that which leads back to the culture, the roots, the identity which makes it possible for its people to have something to tell and to share.

Spiritual for some, symbolic or initiatory for others, the Camino de Santiago is always a rich opportunity for encounters, discoveries, exchanges and sharing. Camino de Ialma is a time for sharing, for song, music and dance. Camino de Ialma is an exchange with local artists, singers, dancers, storytellers, street or circus performers. Camino de Ialma is a discovery within local heritage: a path, a church, a farm, a museum, a cemetery, a castle…

Camino de Ialma is an encounter around a gaita or Galician bagpipe, a pandeireta, a tambor, a pair of cunchas de vieira, but also, why not, a serving of pulpo a feira, an empanada gallega, a serving of concido, of pimentos de Padron, of pan de Cea, of queixo tetilla or a tarta de Santiago, washed down with an excellent Ribeiro or an Albarino

… then finish this time of communicative celebration by warding off  spirits of the night thanks to a symbolic (and very enjoyable) ritual of the QueimadaConcert-day or night stroll, concert, acoustic or electric, in big or small format, Camino, the path of Ialma, is an unprecedented musical experience through Galician culture and traditions.

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