Eneko Dorronsoro

Eneko Dorronsoro (Spain)


The Trikitixa is not your everyday accordion… well unless you find yourself in Basque country. The Trikitixa is played by nearly everyone in the Basque area (Northern Spain, Southern France) and one of those players is Eneko Doronsorro.

Born in Zumaia in 1978, Eneko was quickly absorbed into the cultural fabric of his Basque traditions, which included the trikitixa. On Lucas Hicks’ trip to meet up with legendary trikitixa player Joseba Tapia, Hicks and Eneko began playing together and developed an instant musical chemistry despite sharing “very little language in common.” Within hours the two artists had developed a set comprised of both Basque and American tunes, which were played throughout bars in the Basque country.

It may not be an expected partnership, but it sure is a fun one.

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