The Dulsori ensemble works with the percussion phenomenon known as “pungmul,” used by Korean farmers to summon and celebrate the elementary natural forces. Their instruments imitate the sounds of the natural world – thunder, lightning, rain and wind. Through synchronised drumming, the ensemble accumulates energy, thus asking for exuberant joy. Through the throbbing of the drums they rekindle forgotten Korean celebratory rituals in accordance with their modern musical feeling, transforming the old tao philosophy into a passionate musical act.

Dulsori, (literally ‘Heartbeat of the land’), blends the energy of traditional Korean drums, music, and song into an infectious mix that captivates audiences around the world. Since its establishment in 1984, Dulsori seeks to elevate the power of percussion with the unique vocals of traditional and contemporary Korean songs. The result is an extraordinary musical experience for audience and musicians alike. This Seoul, South Korea based group believes that their original work has the power to awaken the human spirit. We tend to agree.


“We aim to break the barriers between the players and the audience in staging our performances.” – Moon Kap-Hyun, director of Dulsori


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