3 Fiddlers, 3 Traditions


“Old dance tunes, whirling waltzes, happy polkas, groovy jigs, fiery reels and breathless hopsas plus the exotic “Sønderhoning” dance tunes from the Island of Fanø, Denmark” are simply a brief glance into the complexities and multi-layered performances of fiddlers Ruthie Dornfeld, Kristian Bugge and Jamie Fox.

Bugge (Denmark) is widely considered a master of traditional Danish music while Dornfeld (Oregon) is regarded as an expert of oldtime American songs, as well as styles ranging from Celtic to Scandinavian folk. Lastly, Fox (Montana) is one of the most well-known young players of Métis fiddle music which is mired in a tradition crossing ties of Celtic, French and Native American music cultures. This contrast in approach and style helps to create a complex and sundry sound.

Together, Bugge, Dornfeld and Fox perform a “groovy and warming” set that interchanges between each performer’s strengths. This creates a versatile array of melodies that sends the listener’s ears to distant lands… certainly a performance not to be missed.

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